Fall Decor

What was that? Was that a cool breeze I felt?  I think it may have been a little chill in the air {yesterday morning at 6 am.} But it was a chill nevertheless.  So I did what any other women who has survived a hot summer would do – I pulled out all the fall decorations!  I got everything up and noticed my bench was a little bare.  It needed something fallsy.  But what?  A pillow! When we bought the bench I had this ambitious idea in my head that I would make a lap quilt to drape over it for all the seasons and holidays.  Psh, that didn’t happen.  So I’ve settled on the idea of making a pillow to match whatever decor is up.  It seems much more doable. 

So after Macey was dropped off at preschool I pulled out my big box of scraps and found this leftover fabric from a quilt I had made my father-in-law.  It was perfect! It even has fall leaves on it.  So I sewed up the pillow top and embellished it with some felt leaves.  I topstiched those on, put it on the bench, and called it one of my best made up creations ever!  I love it! So what I wanna know is do you have your fall decorations up?  Or am I just weird?  It’s okay, I can handle the truth.

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