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This whole time change thing has thrown me for a loop. Usually in the afternoon is when I get to spend some time on projects and things.   But with the time change I am exhausted in the afternoon.  Hopefully this week goes better than last.  I did get a few things done.   Craftily Ever After has a {FREE!} Thanksgiving printable which is soo cute!  I’m usually not a fan of the burlap fad but it seems to go well with the rusticness of Thanksgiving.   

 I finally got the fabric cut out for Macey and Maddys denim blankets.  I made a big huge denim rag blanket a few months ago and it is awesome for laying out on the grass.  So I’m going to make two smaller ones for the girls for camping and picnics and stuff.  Macey saw the fabric and loves the ladybug print on it so I’m hoping that she forgets about it by the time Christmas comes.  I have a “project plan” this year so that {hopefully} I can get everything finished BEFORE Christmas.   I’ve already made quite a few things that I really want to post but I can’t because that would ruin the surprise for some people.  So anyways, I’m working on stuff, just not stuff I can show off.  Blog to ya soon!

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