Sparkly Spring Flowers

This is one of those “craptastic” projects.  It doesn’t really serve a purpose other than to keep Macey occupied for awhile after school.  I was looking at all my little kid craft supplies trying to figure out what I could make with Macey and came up with these flower magnets.  I free-hand drew some flowers on construction paper and had Macey cut them out.  Then we glued a matching or non-matching pom-pom to the middle (whatever she thought looked best) and then she picked out which glitter glue she wanted on it and went to town.  I did help her with most of them, but at one point Maddy needed a bum change so I left Macey alone for a minute and she started pilling the glitter glue on!

So after all that dried – hours and hours later – we stuck magnet strips on the back and put them on the fridge. 

She loves them! They’re a little too cluttery for my taste, but it was a fun project we did together, so it’s worth it.

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