Activity Days – Gumball Necklaces

We made gumball necklaces and bracelets for Activity Days this morning!

My leader partner looked all over town for the big gumballs and found them at the dollar store.  To make these you need tapestry needles to thread your ribbon through the gumball and crochet needles to poke holes through them.  Tie knots in the ribbon in between the gumballs to keep them separated.

The girls came up with some cute color combos.

Activity Days is an LDS activity for eight to eleven year old girls.

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3 Responses to Activity Days – Gumball Necklaces

  1. Jeanette Vance says:

    I think they are adorable. I wouldn’t have thought of it. I wouldn’t use a crochet hook either because of the hook on the end. But if it worked for you that’s great and I am amazed.

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      HI Jeanette. We used really thin knitting needles I think. I didn’t look at the package so I don’t remember what they were called. 🙂

  2. jenifer says:

    I Love this idea! They are So cute.

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