It’s Totally Popular

So here’s a funny story for you.  Last week I was watching the Nate Burkus show while I was doing the hand binding on the gray chevron quilt.  He’s going on and on about how this print is energetic and vibrant and will freshen up any room, so I look up and he’s pointing to this aqua chevron throw that’s draped over a chair.  🙂

So then later, I’m over at my sister’s house and I pick up the pottery barn kids magazine that she has on her sofa table and lo and behold. . . .

Beautiful aqua’s, crisp whites, and gray zig-zag.  Soo pretty!  I’m just saying . . .  it’s everywhere because it’s soo aesthetically pleasing, that’s all.

I made up some more hair bows yesterday to put in my etsy shop next week.  But for right now they look pretty hanging on the shelf in my laundry room.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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