Whoa Bows!

So I got a message via Etsy from a lady in Florida asking about what kind of bow combos I could make using navy blue and white.  So I sent her back a message with this image attached.

She said liked them all and wanted four of each kind of each color.  Great! So I did the math, that equaled 32 bows! Me and my glue gun and heat sealer were up ’till 2 am getting this order ready.  Thank goodness for Pandora radio! I’m not a up late kind of person.  I’m in bed and out by 10:30.  If I stay up till 11 I’m cranky the next day.  However, it was really fun to stay up that late and just make bows!  The crazy thing was I wasn’t even that tired the next day.

Now that’s a lot of bows for two cute little girls in Miami.  After the box was all sealed up and ready to go I wished I would’ve thrown in a pink bow –  just for the heck of it!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I think you could make an Etsy killing making navy & white and navy & hunter green bows around back to school. My daughter’s private school only allows navy and white hair accessories to match the school uniform. It gets so boring. But your bows are super-duper cute and a change from the usual. 🙂 I really need to become better friends with my hot glue gun…

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