Training Pants!

Soo I’ve been working on potty training Maddy.  She’s a funny kid.  She sits on the potty when she wants to and doesn’t when she doesn’t want to.  Kinda’ stubborn.  She was having a lot of accidents in her panties which made her feel bad and me frustrated.  Well, I came across a picture of gerber training pants with PUL (waterproof fabric) sewn to them and thought I’d try that idea out.  It turns out to be a pretty darn genius idea!  She can still have accidents but it’s not a huge deal.  My carpet stays clean and she understands that she had a little oops.  No biggie, we’ll just try again.  🙂  So I bought some extra training pants and made up some more of these to put in my shop.  I’ve seen them sold in other shops but with flannel sewn into the inside.  My opinion is that it’s totally uneccessary to have flannel inside because it doesn’t make any difference.  Plus it takes longer for them to dry.  Anyhow,  here’s the ones I added to my shop!

I don’t have boy styles yet,  but if you’d like boy training pants just email me. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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6 Responses to Training Pants!

  1. Crystal says:

    those are so cute!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Those are a great idea! Having just finished potty training my third boy, I do have a suggestion for when you make those boy ones… make the PUL fabric go all the way to the waistband in front. Boys tend to pee up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to change their shirts in addition to their pants and underwear!

  3. Karley Terry says:

    I have a list of stuff I need you to make me, which include boy ones of these! Should I just email you or order through Etsy? Whatever is easiest and best for you let me know!!

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      Are you potty training your little guy too? It seems like they were just born – crazyness! It’s easiest on etsy – then you can just use your credit card and I can send them right out. I have boys 2T I just need to get the PUL. Just let me know if you want three or six of them and I can set up a reserved for Karley listing. They are light blue, sports themed print and blue, red and green striped. I heard you guys just moved up north – what are you up to these days?

  4. Alison says:

    These are ridiculously cute!

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