Activity Days – Finger Weaving

For our activity the other leader had the idea of teaching the girls how to finger weave.  She said her nieces had done it at their activity days and thought it was the best activity ever.  Sister “J” didn’t know how to do it so we “youtubed” it and taught ourselves.  It’s really easy – there was only one girl in our group (the youngest) and she just could not wrap her brain around the idea of finger weaving.  The other girls in the group thought it was soo fun!

YouTube Finger Weaving Link

{Imagine some really cute pictures of the girls with their awesome finger woven scarves here.  WordPress isn’t letting me upload any of them.  How awesome.}

Activity Days is an LDS activity for eight to eleven year old girls.

To learn more about my religion click here.

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Happy New Year – A few weeks later!

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in awhile because wordpress was being funky and I couldn’t post pictures.  Posts are no fun to read without pictures (if your a visual person like I am). so I just haven’t bothered to post.  So, what have I been up to the past few weeks?  Working on my goals of course!  I have some fun ones – the first one – I’ve mentioned it before, but I really want to learn how to take good pictures.  Here’s a picture I did by myself with a remote.

Anyhow, I’m determined to figure out this whole f-stop, ISO, aperture business.

Another goal for this year is to find some good tasting healthy recipes.  By the end of the year I want a whole binder full of healthy recipes that I can make without a ton of effort.  I made black beans and rice with chicken and apple salsa last week and ohmygoodgravy is was soo dang good!

And lastly, become a scripture scriptorian.  The excuse about not having enough time to study isn’t valid.  The gospel and my family is where my mental focus should be, so I need to spend a little more time studying the scriptures.  I’ve been doing this in the afternoon when the girls are playing or watching tv and I’ve learned a lot more than when I just try to read a chapter before going to bed.

Anyhow, all those goals leave me with not much time to think about crafting.  That’s all right by me.  I don’t miss it. I haven’t looked at a craft blog in a long time – it’s just not what I’m interested in anymore.  (I still make the occasional hair bow for my girls though.) I think my new goals have replaced making “things” with much more important, more time worthy things.  Only problem is,  what do I post about now?

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Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

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Elf on the Shelf

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged last.  Christmas is a busy time.  Time for stomach bugs, present wrapping, cookie baking.  Who has time to blog?  Here’s my last installment of “what has elf on the shelf Snowflake been up to”, I promise.  Maybe my blog will get a life and blog about more interesting stuff after Christmas, or not.

Happy Elfing!

Linking to: Craft-O-Maniac Elf Party

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Elfin’ Fun

I have felt so blah lately.  Darn sinus cold!  But the elf is still elfin’ at our house.  This was what she was doing Sunday morning.  I wish I was laying on a warm beach too!

Do you like her skirt?  Call me a grinch but I wasn’t going to buy one off the website and Macey kept talking about her coming back from the north pole with a cute skirt.  So I made one with what I had on hand.  Seriously, that’s all the red felt I had.  Haha, Snowflake’s a little immodest!

One morning Snowflake was sitting by a bowl of muddy buddy’s (snowballs) with a cute note for the girls.  I wish I would have got a picture of it but it was pretty much gone by lunchtime.

Happy elfin’ to ya!

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Crazy Elf on the Shelf!

I think the elf Santa sent is a little crazy in the head.

This one got a big “oh my goodness!!” out of Macey.

The elf turned around my Merry Christmas blocks to spell Miss Macey.  Too bad there’s no d’s in Merry Christmas to spell Maddy.

Snowflake was tired and just needed a soft place to land for the day.

And I didn’t get a picture of the day Snowflake turned the milk green – but I’m sure you can picture that one in your mind. 🙂

Happy Elfing!

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Silly Elf on the Shelf and Running

Our silly elf Snowflake was found lounging on top of a picture yesterday.  She kind of looks like she’s contemplating the meaning of it.  Ok, maybe not, but it’s a funny pose.

This morning Snowflake left a note.  Macey was soo excited she had to come wake me up to tell me about it.  Lucky me.  But seriously, this elf on the shelf thing is soo fun.  Justin has fun figuring out where to put it.  Last night I think he spent 20 minutes putting it in different places before settling on top of the cupboards.  Even Maddy thinks it’s fun.  She points and tells me “Up there! Up there!”.  I guess this is a tradition that will continue next year too since the whole fam is enjoying it. I hope I don’t run out of places to put it before Christmas though!

This morning when we went running it was thirty stinkin’ seven degrees outside!  Brrr!  Maddy looks soo cute all bundled up like a eskimo baby. I just started a 30 week training plan for a marathon.  We’ll see how that goes.  It starts off easy with 2-3 mile runs.  No prob.  But the next phase is 12- 18 mile runs.  That makes me nervous.  Maybe I’ll try for a half marathon, I dunno.  Any runners out there?  Any advice?

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Gingerbread Bows

I just had to show off my little gingerbread bows I made for Macey yesterday.  I for sure won’t be doing a tutorial for these!  It was kind of make-it-up as you go.  I’m sure anyone could figure it out from looking at the pictures though.

She was all excited to wear them to school today!

Our Elf on the Shelf was dropped off by Santa last night.  I was going to do it Friday night but decided to wait until Justin was home so he could help me out with the drop-off.  Did anyone see that Elf on the Shelf movie that was on TV Friday night?  It was soo dang cute.  Right after it was over I called Santa Claus and asked if we could have a elf come to our house.  Macey was soo excited she was giggling like crazy.  So last night we got our elf, gave her a name (Snowflake), and read the book.  She spent the night in her box on top of the piano.

But when the girls got up this morning she had magically landed on top of the temple picture.  I know, not really creative, but we decided to start out small and then get to the creative ideas. 🙂 Happy elfing!

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday ya’all!  Our family had a great Thanksgiving!  The boys went shooting and my mom and I cooked and cooked. Haha! It was great though.  Everything turned out delicious.  Mom said we were going to scale back a bit on food, but she fibbed and made every dish she always does except for Grandma’s nasty cabbage salad (thank goodness, mayo and cabbage should never be in jello).


Tonight we are starting a new tradition of Elf on the Shelf.  I’m excited for it because I know the girls will love it.  I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Last Sunday was my birthday.  Happy 29 to me.  Wow I’m old!  We did a little family dinner party and it was really nice. I don’t want to be braggy or anything but I might have gotten a garmin.  My sister gave me a itunes gift card which I put to good use last night and downloaded a bunch of songs I’ve been wanting for a long time.  I’ve got my playlist all ready to go running with tomorow morning and I’m really excited about it!  I downloaded Firework, Dynamite (an explosive playlist for sure), Party Rock, Good Life, Pumped up kicks (Biggest loser has an awesome remix of this song!!), and Somewhere with You.  I’m contemplating adding some Adele songs but I’m not sure if they’d be good running music or not.  So, what are your favorite songs on your ipod?

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Christmas Cards

Every year I do the picture for our Christmas cards myself.  Some years they turn out great, some years not so great.  This year is just . . .  eh.  Not bad, but not the best.  I saw on pintrest (of course) this awesome idea for the background.  Mine didn’t turn out nearly as cools as hers but check it out at

So the Christmas cards are done and ordered, even addressed (just needs stamps) before Thanksgiving.  Of course my motivation for getting this done so early is that Costco offers a discount if you pick them up before Thanksgiving.

Here’s my envelope all done up with a Stampin’ Up stamp.  It gives it it a little extra “Merry Christmasness” don’t ya think?  I just send cards to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and siblings.  If a cousin or friend sends me a card then I’ll send them one as well.  Call me a stamp scrooge, but it just costs too much to send one to everyone. So what’s your Christmas card policy?  Do you send cards to every single person your related to?  Just your favorite people?  Let me know!

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