Birthday Banners

I wanted to show off my newest additions to my Etsy shop! These reusable birthday banners are so much fun to make! Right now I have them in Rainbow, girl colors – pinks and purples, and boy colors – blues and greens.  I plan on adding more options.  But in meantime, if there is a color combo you would like just send me a message and I would be happy to set up a custom listing for you! What I love about these is they are super sturdy.  I sew the felt onto heavy duty interfacing so they will last for many, many years. I also punch holes into the felt so that the twine will slide through and the banner will hang nicely.   Thanks for stopping by!



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Pinwheel Quilt

Hi there! I just wanted to do a little post on this cute pinwheel quilt I just finished.

Isn’t this fabric the cutest?! It’s the Happy-Go-Lucky line from Moda.

It’s soo fun and summery! Anyways, that’s all for now.  Now I’m trying to decide what to do next.  Herringbone, houndstooth or more chevron. . . .  So many patterns so little time!

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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!  I know it’s been forever since I posted on this little blog of mine.  I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about the crazy virus that wiped me out for the last three months so I’ll just move along to more up lifting things.  It’s finally warm enough to wear shorts and sandals! Spring really is my favorite time of the year.  I love Easter, sun burns that hopefully turn into tans, and the smell of the springtime air.  A friend brought me by this really pretty Easter Lilly plant last night and I just love it.

It hasn’t even bloomed yet and I love it. 🙂  So I’ve been working on a few different quilt designs.  I like the chevron and all but it’s time to try a different style of quilt for my etsy shop.  Since I really like the color combo of grey, pink and teal I came up with this design.

I just finished the quilt top today.  I will probably get it pinned and quilted tommorow and then in my etsy shop next week.  I can’t decide how I want to quilt it though –  in the ditch, a bunch of tiny triangles, or something more creative – I dunno.

My little Maddy Paddy turned three last week! We just did the usual family birthday party on a Sunday evening.  I made the ever popular on pinterest rainbow cake.

It isn’t pinterest worthy pretty but it sure tasted good.  I did cream cheese frosting and an old fashioned yellow cake recipe.

I’m soo glad it’s spring! I’m glad I’m feeling better and I’m happy to be working on new quilt patterns! Thanks for stopping by!

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Christmas and Stuff

I just barely finished an order of four sets of alphabet bean bags and four sets of number bean bags.  There are some kids somewhere that are going to get 144 bean bags under their Christmas tree!

They barely fit in two large priority postal boxes. I was really getting worried they wouldn’t all fit.

I made a Christmas chevron quilt!  I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile and finally was able to get it done.  The fabric is all Kona cotton.  I want it to sell, but at the same time I don’t because it would look cute on my couch next to the Christmas tree.

I also finished my santa clause pillow cases for the girls!  These will be fun to use every Christmas time!

Just had to post a picture of my cuties in their new Christmas dresses.

Thanks for stopping by!

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It’s Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  What a crazy week it’s been and this weekend is going to be even crazier!  I haven’t posted in forever because the spamers have been hitting the blog hard I have been avoiding it.  But, I really should post something, I just don’t have anything to say right now, other than I’m up to my armpits in chevron quilts. 🙂  I just sold a throw size yesterday and have already gotten requests for more of that size in gray.  I found the perfect fabric for this quilt and I love how soft it feels.

The gray is a pretty deep color.  Sure I could make more profit if I used broadcloth, but I don’t like how that holds up in washings and how it feels.  Hopefully the people that buy my quilts can feel the quality of the fabric.

I bought the girls Halloween costumes this year.  I have always done homemade costumes but this year Macey wanted to be a horse.  I had no clue how to make a horse so we bought one.  And then Maddy wanted the cow costume that was next to it.  So, no homemade cool costumes this year, just unoriginal store bought ones.  Boring.

We are going to be out and about car shopping this weekend.  I hate car shopping!  To many numbers, to many things to think about.  I wish the Civic would have just lived forever but the frame is bent (that’s a whole other story), so we’ve got to find a replacement for it.  Dangitall!

Also, we have a townhouse that we rent out and our renters are moving out this weekend.  I put an ad on craigslist and my phone has been ringing like crazy!  We’re meeting people and handing out applications this Saturday. I’m optimistic that we will be able to find good renters for our nice little house.  I guess that about sums it up for me.

Happy weekend everyone!

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New Chevron Quilt!

I just wanted to show off my newest quilt in the shop!  I’m excited to have a chevron that is crib/swaddle size and has super soft flannel on the back.

I’m soo glad my other quilts sold so I can make some new ones up.  I’m thinking I’ll do a light gray and a mustardy yellow with this pattern and add those to the shop over the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by!

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School Spirit Bows

Next week at Macey’s school they are having spirit week.  I’m excited for her to participate in the fun activities they have planned.  On most of the days they have to wear their school uniforms and “accessorize” with the daily theme.  I was totally stumped on what to do for “party animal” and “retro neon” day.  I really don’t have anything that goes along with those themes.  And then I realized, well, duh, just buy ribbon and make bows!  So I did, and now she is all ready for spirit week next week. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Our Fun Weekend – Triathlon

On Saturday Justin competed in his first triathlon.  He’s been training for months and months.  The girls and I made him a cute poster!

And he did finish strong so I guess the motivational poster worked!

He nailed his target time exactly – 1:45.

I’m soo proud of him, he’s my Ten Cow Man!

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What Am I?

So I wanted a fresh design for my etsy shop and my sister has been putting all my ideas together for me.  She came up with this awesome Etsy header.

I just love it!  She’s also working on some bow cards and a business card for me.  Here’s what the business card looks like:

I love it too.  Except for the “Crafter Extrodinaire”. It sounds funny . . .  a bit ecentric . . . I dunno, just weird.  But what do I put in it’s place?  So I thought about it.  Well, I’m a Mom, Wife, Maid, Cook, etc etc. But those things don’t really pertain to my etsy shop.  After awhile I came up with Designer/Creator.  But am I really a designer/creator?  I thought about it some more.  I have this cute little notebook with thick sturdy pages that I write down all my grand ideas of things I’m going to make and put in my shop.

It’s full of sketches and templates that I’ve made.

Fabric swatches and more templates.

Detailed patterns and instructions.

(For some reason I felt all self conscious about putting my notes on the internet.)

Anyhow, I decided that yes, I am a designer/creator.  I love sketching out new ideas and writing down my thoughts.

I’m excited for my new design and it came at a perfect time too since I just ran out of hair bow cards. And it will be soo nice to have a business card to stick in the packages!

Thanks for stopping by!

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New Stuff

Yesterday I added boy training pants to the shop.  I got a tip from a reader to make the PUL so it goes all the way up in the front.

I did a double overlock stitch to make them extra durable.  I wish I would’ve thought of that when I was making the girls pants.

I also added visiting teaching handouts to the shop.  I figure I make them up anyways, might as well add a few more to the shop. 🙂

In other exciting news, I organized my fabric!  I took a page of card stock and folded the fabric in half and wrapped it around.

I wish there was a nice way to organize the little pieces of fabric – my other box of fabric is a mess!

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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