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Activity Days – Gumball Necklaces

We made gumball necklaces and bracelets for Activity Days this morning! My leader partner looked all over town for the big gumballs and found them at the dollar store.  To make these you need tapestry needles to thread your ribbon … Continue reading

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Activity Days – Finger Weaving

For our activity the other leader had the idea of teaching the girls how to finger weave.  She said her nieces had done it at their activity days and thought it was the best activity ever.  Sister “J” didn’t know … Continue reading

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Activity Days – Turkey Cookies

For our activity yesterday we made turkey cookies like the ones off of Our Best Bites. “H’s” turkey’s totally turned out cute.  The other girls had a hard time not eating their candy. I can’t remember who’s plate this was, … Continue reading

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Morning Get-Ready Chart

I’ll spare you all of my lame excuses for why I have not blogged in a long time (like my girls being little insomniacs and my computer having technical difficulties) and just get on with it. SCHOOL STARTED!!!! Even though … Continue reading

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Dinner Distraction

So I was making dinner the other night and the girls were really driving me crazy.  You know, the usual – right under my feet, pulling everything out of the cabinets, making ginormous messes.  My blood pressure was rising and … Continue reading

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Sparkly Spring Flowers

This is one of those “craptastic” projects.  It doesn’t really serve a purpose other than to keep Macey occupied for awhile after school.  I was looking at all my little kid craft supplies trying to figure out what I could … Continue reading

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File Folder Games

I love these {FREE} downloadable file folder games from mormonchic.org! I printed these off yesterday and had them laminated and Macey has already spent a lot of time matching shapes and colors and dressing the cute bear.  Here is the … Continue reading

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