Activity Days – Finger Weaving

For our activity the other leader had the idea of teaching the girls how to finger weave.  She said her nieces had done it at their activity days and thought it was the best activity ever.  Sister “J” didn’t know how to do it so we “youtubed” it and taught ourselves.  It’s really easy – there was only one girl in our group (the youngest) and she just could not wrap her brain around the idea of finger weaving.  The other girls in the group thought it was soo fun!

YouTube Finger Weaving Link

{Imagine some really cute pictures of the girls with their awesome finger woven scarves here.  WordPress isn’t letting me upload any of them.  How awesome.}

Activity Days is an LDS activity for eight to eleven year old girls.

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  1. How cool is that. I watched the entire video… WHO NEW. 😉

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