Toddler Dish Towel Bib

This bibb pattern is one that I came up with out of sheer necessity.  I don’t know what other people do once their kids grow out of the baby size bibbs. Stores don’t seem to have much (okay, they don’t have anything that I can find) in the way of cloth toddler size bibbs.  My two-year-old needs something to cover her whole front and the more coverage the better. 
This is my first sewing tutorial so if you have any questions be sure to let me know!
To start off your going to need:


-Dish Towels (new or used) most towels are 16 inches across which is what my pattern fits.
-Binding – Extra Wide Double Fold Bias tape seems to work the best
-Fusible Fabric if you want to add an applique and make it all fancy.
-Print out the pattern here {for personal use only}


First your going to print out the pattern and cut it out.  Fold your towel in half hot-dog style (I learned that in Primary 🙂 that means long ways.
Cut your fabric along the pattern.
This next step is the trickiest in the whole thing so pay close attention.  Your going to cut a strip of velcro about two inches long.  Pin the hook side of the velcro to the top of the towel.  Pin the eye side of the velcro to the BACK side of the other tab. If you sew them both to the top it won’t velcro together right. Your going to want to leave about a fourth of a inch space between the edge and the velcro, especially if you have the extra wide binding. Then sew the velcro on.
Next your going to pin the binding to the neck part of the bibb.  Then zig-zag stich it on.
Now your going to fold the end of the binding tape in about a fourth of an inch so you don’t have a raw edge sticking out.
Then pin the binding along the top of the bibb.  Be sure to turn your edges under at the ends when you pin it.  It will give it a more finished look.  Once you sew this binding on your done if you want to be.  Or you can sew some ribbon, ric-rack, buttons or an applique onto the bibb to fancy it up.
Don’t throw away that extra strip of towel from the top.  Square it up and cut it.  Fold the raw edge under a fourth of an inch and zig-zag it. Now you have a new cleaning rag AND a cute bibb. 
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  1. So cute!!!! I am your newest follower!!!

  2. Telitha M. Swope says:


  3. Melanie says:

    Finally! A bib pattern that doesn’t involve binding or sewing the entire edge! Yay!

  4. I like the towel bib, would like to have the free pattern.

  5. peggy says:

    Love this bib – cant wait to make one. I would love the free pattern. thanks

  6. peggy says:

    Darling bib – Would love the free pattern

  7. peggy says:

    The bib is soooo cute. Would love to have the free pattern.thanks peggy

  8. peggy says:

    the bib is soooo cute. I would love the free pattern

  9. tootie says:

    luved the site – please send free pattern

  10. tootie says:

    luved the site – anxious to make the bib – please send free pattern

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