Organza Flowers

I saw a tutorial for organza flowers on Little Birdie Secrets and decided I had to make some.  I mean, what if my baby is born bald? She’ll need something cute on her head so people don’t think she’s a boy, right?  So, I ordered the variety pack of nylon headbands off of this website. 
Oooh it’s soo pretty I just want to sit and stare at it.  Keep in mind organza is totally different than tulle.  It’s a much finer fabric.  You can find it in the bridal/prom section of the fabric store.  I couldn’t decide how much to buy, so I bought a fourth of a yard of each.  Umm, ya, that’s a bit much. I probably should have only bought an eighth of a yard.  But, she who dies with the most fabric wins.
So then you cut out your circles or petals, either way turns out cute.  Sorry for the dark picture.  I can only light candles after Macey goes to bed.  Otherwise I am forced to sing “Happy Birthday to You” a million times and blow out the candle.  I have to admit I was kinda skeptical that the edges would curl under all cute.  But once you put the edge close to the flame it curls up.  The first time I did this I actually said out loud “Oooh pretty.”
The more layers you do the cuter it gets.  You want the smallest layer to be about the size of a quarter, and then do each layer after that about a fourth of an inch bigger in diameter.  Once you get all the layers done (in this picture it’s only half ways done) you sew the layers together with a nylon thread and then sew beads in the center. Glue it to a clippy or sew it onto your headband and there ya go, one stylin’ baby headband!
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