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Running? Me?

A few months ago I was doing my daily routine of putting in an exercise DVD and then less than ten minutes later turning it off, not because I wanted to but because the girls were in my way, using … Continue reading

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Learning and Teaching

When school started awhile back I heard a few of the other ladies in the ward (neighborhood) talking about how their child scored on the kindergarten assessment.  Some scored high in some areas and low in others, some scored so … Continue reading

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Activity Days – Strawberry Jam

For our last activity the girls made strawberry jam (the super easy freezer version). Since the counter tops are to high for them – they put the bowl on the ground to mash the strawberries.  Not exactly hygienic, but whatever … Continue reading

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Morning Get-Ready Chart

I’ll spare you all of my lame excuses for why I have not blogged in a long time (like my girls being little insomniacs and my computer having technical difficulties) and just get on with it. SCHOOL STARTED!!!! Even though … Continue reading

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