Activity Days – Strawberry Jam

For our last activity the girls made strawberry jam (the super easy freezer version).

Since the counter tops are to high for them – they put the bowl on the ground to mash the strawberries.  Not exactly hygienic, but whatever works.

I did the pectin on the stove top.  Later, after the activity Sister J called and asked if I turned it off.  I thought I did and didn’t think much about it untill about 9 o’clock at night.  I was laying in bed and the thought of “what if the church house burns down and it’s all my fault” came into my head.  Then I got all stressed out, had to call the primary president (who I’m sure was less than thrilled to be called that late at night) and asked if I could stop by and get the keys from her again.  Justin ran up to the church to check for me so I wouldn’t have to get dressed.  When he came back he said that the burner was in deed off, however there were a few lights left on in the church.  Whew!  I’m pretty sure we won’t be doing anything that requires the stove in the future!  Me and my anxiety issues can’t handle it!

All done!  The girls with their lip-gloss size jars of jelly!

Activity Days is an LDS activity for eight to eleven year old girls.

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  1. Whitney says:

    It still looks like you had a lot of fun! PS…if you ever decide to try something like this again, MCP is our pectin of choice. It’s a lot easier on the digestive system, not to mention that there’s NO cooking involved at all. You have to stir it a lot, so a great way to get all the girls involved.

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