Happy New Year – A few weeks later!

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in awhile because wordpress was being funky and I couldn’t post pictures.  Posts are no fun to read without pictures (if your a visual person like I am). so I just haven’t bothered to post.  So, what have I been up to the past few weeks?  Working on my goals of course!  I have some fun ones – the first one – I’ve mentioned it before, but I really want to learn how to take good pictures.  Here’s a picture I did by myself with a remote.

Anyhow, I’m determined to figure out this whole f-stop, ISO, aperture business.

Another goal for this year is to find some good tasting healthy recipes.  By the end of the year I want a whole binder full of healthy recipes that I can make without a ton of effort.  I made black beans and rice with chicken and apple salsa last week and ohmygoodgravy is was soo dang good!

And lastly, become a scripture scriptorian.  The excuse about not having enough time to study isn’t valid.  The gospel and my family is where my mental focus should be, so I need to spend a little more time studying the scriptures.  I’ve been doing this in the afternoon when the girls are playing or watching tv and I’ve learned a lot more than when I just try to read a chapter before going to bed.

Anyhow, all those goals leave me with not much time to think about crafting.  That’s all right by me.  I don’t miss it. I haven’t looked at a craft blog in a long time – it’s just not what I’m interested in anymore.  (I still make the occasional hair bow for my girls though.) I think my new goals have replaced making “things” with much more important, more time worthy things.  Only problem is,  what do I post about now?

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  1. Camille says:

    Good for you. Sometimes when I look at a blog I wonder how some of these ladies are wives and moms too. Way to go on setting your new goals. I’m right there with you, trying to focus on the really important stuff first. Although I hope you continue to blog about the stuff you are doing.

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