Happy Halloween!

As you all know, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about, I’m looking for fun traditions to start with my girls for the holidays.  One that I remember my mom doing is pizza dinner on Halloween night.  I really like that one so I did a homemade pizza dinner, but it needed a special sort of a dessert to go with it.  Dirt cups seem to be the easiest, no-bake, low-fuss solution.  All it is, in case you don’t already know, is chocolate pudding in the bottom of a cup with crushed (or in this case pulverized in the food processor) oreos on top with gummy worms dangling around.  Macey loved it, daddy loved it, I say it’s a dessert we will do with Halloween dinner again and again.  So I want to know, do you have fun Halloween traditions?  I want to hear about them.  What about Thanksgiving?  Macey is finally at the age where she is really understanding holidays and I want to make it fun for her – something that she will remember from one year to the next.  And of course it’s fun for me too to see the holidays through her eyes.

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