New Quilt in the Etsy Shop!

Pinwheel Quilt

I have a new quilt in the shop and I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I have made many of quilts with this pattern, but this time I did a few things different.

Minky Backing

This was my first time using minky (or cuddle cloth as some call it) on the back of the quilt.  I stretched the fabric and pinned it like crazy.

Wave Quilting

The other thing I tried differently was the quilting stitch.  For the longest time I have done  “in the ditch” quilting.  I always thought it looked nice and neat.  However, I have gotten a few messages on Etsy from people asking if my quilts had any quilting.  It was a light bulb moment and I realized that people like to see the quilting.  An advantage of quilting it this way is that it enhances the pucker effect that people love about quilts.

Prairie Point Pinwheel Quilt

I ran the quilt through the wash to make sure it would hold up like I hoped it would and it turned out beautiful.  My girls are hoping it doesn’t sell because they want for their own cuddle blankie.  I love this fabric by Riley Blake.  It’s called Happy Day and it has butterflies, kites, and flowers on it.  It’s so summery and pretty – I love it! You can see it in my Etsy shop at Ten Cow Quilts. Thanks for stopping by!

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