The Best Baby Wrap

Alright all you baby mama’s, you have got to check this out! This is the most comfortable, most inexpensive baby wrap you will ever see! I just made this yesterday and have used it soo much already, I can do laundy and dishes with it on because I can bend way over and the baby doesn’t budge.  Can you tell I’m excited about it? I have a store bought Mei Tei type sling but my back aches soo much by the end of the day, plus Maddy gets scrunched down in it after awhile.  To make this all you need is 5 yards of fabric by 30 inches.  You’ll want a fabric with a little bit of stretch to it. I used an old jersey knit bed sheet that I had on hand. I’m not super picky about color because you can’t beat free-ninety-nine (those are clouds on the sheets, not clorox spots, just to clarify).
Step number one (after you get your fabric cut and sewn together). Take the middle of the fabric and hold it at your waist.
Take the tails and throw them up around your back criss-crossed. Does that make sense? You’ll want to pull it a little tighter in the next step.
Then you take the tails over your shoulder and . .  (Please excuse my mini-assistant, she wants to demonstrate as well.)
Tuck the tails under the strip of fabric that is around your waist.
Now your going to take the tails and cross them and then . .
Tie a double knot around your back.
Pick up your little schmootzy-poo and put her legs in the straps that went over your shoulders.
Now your going to take the fabric that was around your waist and pull it up over the baby as far up as you want to go.
And there you have it, the best baby wrap ever!
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3 Responses to The Best Baby Wrap

  1. Mona says:

    Woo hoo! I’m you’re first official follower on your new “DOT.COM”!!!

    Okay, ‘nuf about me…. look at you, girl! Not only did you get your own website, you took your own pictures for this post, with babies and all! That’s a real Mommy for you – multi-tasking at its finest! Super-cute assistants, by the way!

  2. Kat says:

    This is super cute! I soo have that type of sheets at home. Thank you so much!

  3. Jess says:

    This old awesome!

    I NEED this I my life ASAP.

    Can you give me a little more direction/ instruction on buying & making the wrap ready for use. I will go to the store for material immediately?!

    Thank You

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