Homemade Baby Food Plus a Casualty

Maddy paddy eats a lot. And I mean A LOT.  I’ve mostly fed her mashed up bananas and pureed fruits and steamed veggies but I thought it would be interesting to see just how much more baby food costs compared to homemade.  In the beginning I was going to be all mathematical about this and figure it out ounce per ounce penny for penny but you’ll see why that idea all went out the window.  At Lin’s right now they have yams on sale for fifty eight cents per pound.  I picked up two big huge ones.  4.24 pounds total to be exact and paid $2.46.  I came home, put the baby down for a nap, Macey was at preschool, everything was going good.  I turned on my ipod and was jamming out peeling the yams and then chopping them up and throwing them in the pot when all of a sudden {WHAM!} I chopped the tip of my finger off.  I don’t mean just the tip, I mean the top fourth of an inch or more.  I couldn’t bring myself to look at it.  I knew it was bad.  So I grabbed the kitchen towel, wrapped it up, picked up my sleeping baby, who was not so happy to be woken up from her nap and hopped in the truck and went to the local instacare.  There really wasn’t a whole lot that could be done for it other than clean it out and put antibiotics on it and wrap it up with a mile of gauze.

Isn’t it lovely?  Sigh.  I’ll spare you my whinyness of how hard it is to change diapers, do dishes, etc. 

I came home and finished up the chopping, cooking and pureeing.  But I really wasn’t in the mood for weighing and comparing and all that jazz.  So my conclusion is that it’s more expensive to make baby food if you calculate in a thirty dollar doctor copay.  Maybe next time I’ll just buy the nutrient void, sugar filled baby food.

Well, not really.  I just need to be more careful. 

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