{CUTE} Turkey Bows!

I FINALLY found some cute turkey bows on the internet.  Funky Polka Dot Giraffe has tons of cute bows in her etsy shop (and reasonably priced might I add.)  I had all the supplies on hand so I tried to copy them the best I could.  I could of sworn I had some skinny red ribbon to do the gobbler thingy with.  I think we go through ribbon like we go through toilet paper.  Anyhow, now my girls have some cute bows to wear around.  I’m excited to make her snowman bow.  She posted a tutorial on how to do it on a How Does She.  But for now I’m glad Macey can quit wearing that funny felt turkey bow that she loved soo much.  At her preschool they learned a song and it goes like this “Turkey feathers, turkey feathers, bright. lee. colored. bright. lee. colored.”  So she had to sing me the song when she saw her new turkey bows.  I love that kid.

I love this kid too.

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3 Responses to {CUTE} Turkey Bows!

  1. The tutorial for the snowman bow is here…
    However, I can’t see it, because I lose the scrolling bar on the right side. Maybe it’s just my computer.
    Cute turkeys!

  2. Oh, nevermind. It just takes a long time to load! 🙂 It works now.

  3. Kendra says:

    Those are so cute! Oh and I’m glad you liked the persimmion cookies!!

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