A few Sundays ago I asked the ward Family History Specialist for a little help.  I gave her a printout of my husbands pedigree chart and told her there are a few spots that I’m stuck on.   She took the paper and said she’d be happy to help.  I didn’t really think that she would be able to get past those names.  The next Sunday to my surprise she had found info on them.  And she didn’t stop there.  She kept going and going.  I got an email from her last night saying that she had prepared 43 names to go to the temple from Justins family.  FOURTY THREE NAMES!   That’s amazing!  It’s not only amazing that she found that info, but that she did it with a happy heart.  She served me and helped me in a way that I thought only my Mom would.   So what do I do for her in return?  Take her a plate of cake.  Somehow in the grand scheme of things that just doesn’t seem sufficient.  I’m sure she spent hours and hours doing research for me and all I give back in return is cake?!  I asked her what I could do for her and she said that she was just happy to help.  That is so rare in this day and age.  People today are so self-centered.  I hope I can be more giving like her and like my mom.  

To change the subject just for a second.  Look at Maddy!  I think I’m starving the poor baby. Wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. encrosby says:

    Thanks Mrees – I don’t deserve that compliment, but I love you for it.
    Yep that’s my baby! I got her a new outfit at Costco today – a 9 month.

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