Baby Bib Pattern

Maddy is almost seven months old.  That means it’s almost time to start her on solids!  When it comes to bibs I’m kinda particular.  I want a bib that has the velcro tab on the side, is thick and absorbable, has good coverage down the front and doesn’t have plastic backing.  That’s not too much to ask is it? Well, apparently it is.  There’s nothing like that out there in the stores.  So I came up with a pattern and I thought I’d share it with ya.

  • Here is the link to the pattern.  {Personal use only please.}  Cut it out and trace it onto your material.  I prefer to use microfiber dish towels.  I love the texture and absorbancy of them.  You can fit three bibs to one dish towel.  (Don’t throw away the strip at the top, square it up and use it as a cleaning rag.)

You’re going to want to trace around the pattern with a Mark-B-Gone marker.

After you get it cut out your going to sew your velcro tabs on like this.

Once your tabs are on you can finish the edges with binding or you can serge the edges.  I did the blue one with binding and it turned out ok.

On the other bibs I did a vari-overlock stitch around the edge.  If you have a Bernina it’s stitch number three.  So although the edges look rough they do have a stitch around the outside holding it together.  I love it – it makes it look more . . .  natural.  They looked kinda plain so I added a few decorative stiches around the outside to give it a little color. I love how they turned out, just what I wanted! I hope it works good for you too!

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5 Responses to Baby Bib Pattern

  1. Forget the cute bib, 😉 look at that chunk? she is a doll with chubby stay puff arms I want to gobble on. PRECIOUS! 😉 Jen

  2. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness look at those rolls!! Looks like she has rubberbands on her arms! She is such a doll! Great tutorial too. 🙂

  3. Oooh! She is so cute. Love her arms…

  4. dribble bibs says:

    I love the white bib so different and like you said more natural looking simple yet effective. Its nice to have a bib that looks a bit different but that is still a bib that is functional too.

  5. Your bib project looks amazing. Have you tried using snap buttons for closure? It would be more secure, and it won’t get easily pulled off.

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