Christmas is a Commin’ Up!

So, this is what I’m working on right now.  Justin had a stack of T-shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore but he couldn’t give them up because they are his favorite.  The solution? A T-shirt quilt.  I made one for my little brother a few years ago and he loved it.  So I’m going to make one for Justin for Christmas. 

My little brother had a lot more T-shirts to work with, but I think I’ll make Justins quilt bigger by doing a few rows of flannel for filler.  So anyways, that’s what I’m working on right now. 🙂

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4 Responses to Christmas is a Commin’ Up!

  1. Kirby Cook says:

    I’ve thought about doing the same thing with my high school tee shirts ever since I saw Taylor’s, but it would just be a black quilt – no color. I have SO many! Why did one of our school colors have to be black?!

  2. Logan K says:

    A cousin of mine had her father pass away and he was known for wearing Hawaiian shirts. One of her sisters cut up all of the shirts and made quilts for her siblings. I thought it was a great way to keep the memory of their dad close to them.

  3. Katie says:

    Do you use stabilizer behind the knits to help with sewing? If you make the blanket for Christmas I’d be interested in a tutorial. I’ve seen steps on how to make memory quilts out of old baby clothes but they’ve all said to stay away from knits and stick to cotton. I can barely sew so if this is a dumb question, I’m sorry:) Thanks for coming by my blog just now, it’s been awhile since I’ve been over here and it was so good to see your face pop up by your comment! I just did leg warmers, saw that post too. What does a knit stitch look like?

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      Thanks for all the nice comments 🙂 I iron a fusible interfacing on the back of the T-shirts before I cut them so they don’t stretch out funny. If you walk into a fabric store and ask for iron-on interfacing they can point you in the right direction. I love that stuff! The knit stitch in the manuel is called a “super stretch stitch.” It looks like it goes zig-zags up and down, up and down. That probably doesnt make any sense – sorry. If you have a manuel with your machine I’m sure you could find a stretch stitch, I think it’s a basic one, but I’m not sure. Thanks soo much for stopping by! (Let me know if you still have questions 🙂

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