Green Smoothies

I have been making green smoothies for breakfast (sometimes lunch and dinner too) lately and I love them! I know the color might be a turn off to some, but once you try it you’ll love it!  I came across awhile back and decided that it’s time to start eating healthier.  My mom bought me this awesome {PINK!} high powered blender and it works soo good at liquefying anything that I put in it.  You can put just about whatever kind of fruits and vegetables in your smoothie you want and it almost always turns out good.  My favorite combination is a few big handfuls of spinach, a stalk of celery, three or four strawberries, a banana or two, soy milk, a splash of flax seed oil just for the heck of it (and to help lower Justin’s cholesterol) and it turns out delicious!  It has a very mild fruity flavor.  If you want to see a demo of how to do it has a video of it on her website.  Happy green smoothie drinking to ya!

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