What the Craft?

A friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would make her a baby headband with an elephant trunk on it instead of a bow.  Um, sure.  You see, her brother is a big Alabama Crimson Tide fan and their mascot is an elephant.  He has a little baby girl and so my friend Jo, thought it would be fun for her to have a headband to wear on game day.  So I had to model it on Maddy before I put it in the mail just to make sure the trunk holds up okay and it looks alright.  Doesn’t she look thrilled?  I love people with a creative mind!  I would’ve never thought to stick an elephant trunk on a baby headband.  Haha!

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5 Responses to What the Craft?

  1. to funny, but I love it. You did so great. Looks just like a trunk. Love babies expression best! 😉 Jen

  2. Kirby Cook says:

    You should’ve put the explanation before the picture. I saw the picture and thought, “Oh no! My sister’s lost her mind!” The trunk looks so good. I would’ve never had the patience to figure out how to make that 😛

  3. She makes me laugh!! She looks completely underwhelmed as if she is wondering what the heck Mom is thinking…

  4. Jo says:

    Don’t forget to mention that I first wanted it to be all pink, I still laugh at your reply that {{uuuhm}} pink didn’t make it look very well. LOL. I love, love, love, this headband and I love the expression on Maddy even more. I’m SURE you thought I was going crazy when I requested it, but thanks for not saying so!! I cannot believe the tallent you have!! {loves}

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