Two Little Projects

I got {TWO} little projects done today! That’s a big deal with my high maintenance kids!  I made these cute little wedding cards on my silhouette machine.  I know this shape is meant as a car decal but it looks cute as a simple design on a card.  The people that the cards are for still seem (in my head at least) like they’re little kids.  It’s hard to imagine them all grown up and getting married.  I guess that makes me old.

Macey got invited to {another} birthday party! Yay!  At Whatever-mart right now they have a ton of Disney themed fabric for two dollars a yard.  Craziness!  I found some cute  princess fabric and a coloring book to match and made up a crayon roll.  I’m soo sick of plastic-crap toys and toys that require batteries that I’m on toy strike until Christmas.  I’m not buying toys at all until then.  I wonder if any other mom’s feel the same way?

Maddy unloaded my fabric box and climbed right in.  It’s a wonder I get anything done with my two little crazies around!

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