Baby Shower

{My Mom, Little Sister, Me & Maddy}

Last Saturday my mom and I did a baby shower for my little sister.  I did the food and it turned out fan-freaking-tastic if I do say so myself.  Of course I did all my favorite foods, but anyways . . .  here’s what we had.

Hummus and pita chips.  This is how I make my hummus.

1 can great northern beans, drained and rinsed.

1 tsp. garlic salt

2 t. parsley flakes

a dash of olive oil

Put it in a mini food processer and puree until you get a good consistency.  That’s it.  I guess it’s more of a bean dip than a hummus, but whatever – I love it and everyone else loved it too.

Cream cheese filled strawberries.  Mmmhmmm. Here’s the low-down on how to make these. Bring 2 (8 oz.) packages cream cheese to room-temperature.   Mix with a electric beater until fluffy.  Add a 1/2 t. of vanilla and 3 T. powdered sugar and beat some more.  Put the mixture into a piping bag with a big star tip on it.  Wash and dry your strawberries and then cut into fourths but leave the base intact.  Open up the strawberry with your fingers and stick the icing tip down into the strawberry and squeeze your filling out.  And there ya go!

Cherry chocolate cupcakes with sour cream chocolate chip frosting.  I used this recipe that I posted here.  The only difference is I added a cup more of powdered sugar to the frosting so that it would be a little stiffer.  My mom also made chicken salad sandwiches with croissant rolls.  The food was soo stinkin’ good!

I hate baby shower games, but I think it’s a requisite that there be some kind of a game at a shower so I did the “guess what baby food this is” game.  I bought only single ingredient baby foods, because really, who can guess those crazy concoctions that they have out now-days.  The sticky labels come of really easy with a little goo-b-gone.  A lot of Kirby’s friends don’t have babies yet and some of them came up with some crazy guesses on the baby food.  I also made a really cute pendant banner but totally forgot to take a picture of it.  Oh well.  The baby shower went good and now I can move onto other projects!

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2 Responses to Baby Shower

  1. Jessa says:

    Thanks so much for the snack tips! I’m throwing a shower in September and I’m always looking for ideas!

  2. Patricia says:

    Those strawberries sound so yummy.

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