Silly Elf on the Shelf and Running

Our silly elf Snowflake was found lounging on top of a picture yesterday.  She kind of looks like she’s contemplating the meaning of it.  Ok, maybe not, but it’s a funny pose.

This morning Snowflake left a note.  Macey was soo excited she had to come wake me up to tell me about it.  Lucky me.  But seriously, this elf on the shelf thing is soo fun.  Justin has fun figuring out where to put it.  Last night I think he spent 20 minutes putting it in different places before settling on top of the cupboards.  Even Maddy thinks it’s fun.  She points and tells me “Up there! Up there!”.  I guess this is a tradition that will continue next year too since the whole fam is enjoying it. I hope I don’t run out of places to put it before Christmas though!

This morning when we went running it was thirty stinkin’ seven degrees outside!  Brrr!  Maddy looks soo cute all bundled up like a eskimo baby. I just started a 30 week training plan for a marathon.  We’ll see how that goes.  It starts off easy with 2-3 mile runs.  No prob.  But the next phase is 12- 18 mile runs.  That makes me nervous.  Maybe I’ll try for a half marathon, I dunno.  Any runners out there?  Any advice?

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3 Responses to Silly Elf on the Shelf and Running

  1. Deila says:

    my granddaughter is doing this, it is so cute. do you move him every night? what are the rules?

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      Hi Deila! The elf returns to the north pole after bedtime to report to Santa Clause whether the kids have been good or not and then it lands in a new place the next morning before they wake up. How fun for your granddaughter. I bet she is loving it!

  2. Anndee says:

    7 degrees? My advice would be to get a treadmill 🙂
    I was running a lot a couple years ago. I enjoyed 10K’s and wanted to do a half. Still no desire to do a marathon. I can’t run right now because of head/neck problems but hopefully one year soon.

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