Bows Make Great Presents

I was getting some presents put together for a baby shower and birthday and I thought I’d show you how cute they are with the addition of bows.

This is for a baby shower for a lady in the ward.  I’ve never met her but when I was pregnant with Macey the ward threw me a baby shower and there were women there that I didn’t know.  I guess that’s one of the great things about being LDS, the women are very nice and supportive of each other.  I love these little outfits.  I bought every size and every color of them for Maddy because they are soft and pajama-like.  I just loved them and I love that my bows match them perfectly.

This present is for my little niece.  I love giving her books because I know she likes them.  At Costco they have the best children’s books! I wish I was rich so I could buy all the great ones that they have right now.  I bought this set for my girls and they loved it soo much I went back and bought one for Evie.

It looks soo cute all wrapped up with a fancy hair bow (her Mom’s favorite kind) on top!

Less than a month until Kindergarten starts!!!!! We’ve got our countdown chain going!!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Such cute bows! Thanks for all the tutorials! I am having my first daughter this October (after 3 boys!) and I’ve been searching all over for good tutorials on making bows. I finally get to have bows and stuff in my house! I noticed too that you are in Hurricane. My husband grew up there and his parents are still there, though with the amount of wards and stakes there, chances are low that you guys are even in the same stake. But it’s kind of fun to see someone in the blog world from the same little town where my husband grew up. Good luck with your new kindergartener… my first is going to kinder this year too. It’s such an exciting time for them and a nerve racking time for the mom! LOL!

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