Activity Days – Goals

As I’ve said before, I’m the Activity Days leader in my ward.  This is a group of eight to ten year old girls that get together twice a month for an activity.  Sometimes I spend a lot of time putting these together (and sometimes my partner does the work.)  Our activity yesterday was about writing down goals and working towards them.  This was one of the best activities we’ve done with the girls.  They all loved it and we took up the whole hour – which is sometimes hard to do with these girls.  Their attention span doesn’t usually last that long.

So here they are writing down all their goals on a 4×6 card.  They {LOVED} the metallic gel pens I brought. (Please excuse the crappy picture quality, I just took my little point and shoot camera with me.)

I brought those foamy stickers that you can get in the craft aisle at Wal-Mart.  Those were a {BIG} hit. And a big mess!  I bought a bag of flower stickers and a bag of letter stickers.  Before the activity I took a bunch of clothespins and spray painted them pink and then used E-6000 to glue magnets onto the back.  All the girls had to do was decorate their clothespin with stickers and it was ready to hold their goal paper onto their fridge.  Or folding chairs for the time being.  .  .

They all turned out soo cute! The girls loved them and had so much fun making them. 

I’m bummed the picture turned out soo blurry – it would have been cute.  There were three other girls at the activity but they were still working on their project, so we had a good turnout.  Anyhow, I made the girls strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing.  These girls {LOVE} their cupcakes!

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2 Responses to Activity Days – Goals

  1. Anndee says:

    Thanks for sharing your activity details! I’m the leader in our 10-11 group. This week we did secret sister reveal and games. Next activity we are doing goals so I’m going to use some of your ideas. I love the decorated clothes pin to hold their card. Mine always love to decorate and create – the messier the better! I have a shutterfly share site I’ve made for the girls since I take pictures at everything and usually have a handout (post these on the site). I’ll start putting the crafty activities on my blog.

  2. Kendra says:

    What a small world. I know that girl on the far left. “H” They used to live right by us. She used to be good friends with my daughter, and I was good friends with her mom. Crazy!!

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