Easter Tree

This is my little Easter tree that I came up with.  Last night we went thinning peaches at the church orchard and I noticed there was still some dead branches left over from last fall so I grabbed one and brought it home.  The pictures were just printed off of google images and from this packet of pictures.  I mounted them onto cardstock and then made fabric blossoms and glued them onto the branches.  Macey come home from school and said “Oohh, pretty popcorn tree!”  She loves it.  This will work good for Macey because we can look at the pictures and talk about them.  Next year she will be ready for a more in depth discussion but I think this will work good for this year.

{My favorite Easter picture}

{The Last Supper, Crown of Thorns,  Betrayal, and Christ}

{Gethsemane, Second Comming, Teaching Parables, and On The Cross}

This will be a nice centerpiece to have on the table and I hope it helps Macey understand Easter a little bit better. And it’s just nice to have some pictures of Christ in the kitchen.

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  1. Brandi Schall says:

    I love this! You always have the greatest ideas. 🙂

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