Little Valentine Box

So I mentioned in a previous post that doing these picture valentine’s cards from the girls to their dad would be a fun new tradition for our family.  And then I got to thinking that if I’m going to spend the time making valentine cards I don’t want them to be thrown out or misplaced like a Hallmark card would.  So I made this simple little valentine keeper box for Justin to keep his valentine’s in every year.  I even went and found the card from last year and stuck it in, just so they would all be in one place.  It’s just a simple little tin box, but ten or fifteen years from now I hope it’s full of cute valentine’s from the girls.

I’ve still got to make valentine’s for Macey to take to preschool (forehead palm slap).  There’s soo many fun ideas out there I can’t narrow it down so I just haven’t done them yet.  I hope I figure out what to do soon.  Happy weekend to ya!

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  1. Diane says:

    WOW, cute! Love the simplicity of it Ÿ I really ♥ that and I have some of those tins in my craft closet.

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