I-Spy Bag Tutorial

I’m running out of things in my church bag to keep Macey entertained, so I decided it was time to make an I-Spy bag.   Here’s all the supplies.  I bought the bag filler at Roberts and the alphabet beads were from Michaels (I didn’t use all of them so they can be used for another project) everything else I had on hand.  I put in novelty buttons, googly eyes, and beads.  The clear vinyl you can get at a fabric store by the big rolls of tablecloth vinyl.  I had mine left over from high school from when I had to have covers on my books.  Crazy.

You’ll only need a fat quarter or a fourth of a yard of material for this project.  I just grabbed some outdoor canvas material I had on hand that was left over from this other project.  Cut your material so you have:

(1) 6 x 6 inch square of fabric

(1) 4.5 x 4.5 inch vinyl square

(2) 6 x 1.25 inch strip of fabric

(2) 4.5 x 1.25 inch strip of fabric

Take your vinyl square and your two 4.5 x 1.5 inch strips of fabric and sew them onto opposite ends of the vinyl with a fourth inch seam.  If your vinyl sticks to your machine put a strip of tissue paper underneath it.  After you sew your seam just rip the tissue paper off.

That’s how your middle strip will look like once you sew the material on.  Now sew your long strips of material onto the other sides.  Don’t iron your seams down . . .  that would be bad.  (haha, hehe)

Lay your 6 inch square of fabric down and put your finished top face down on top of it and sew around three sides.  Turn it right side out and fill it up with your filler. 

Flip your raw edge in a fourth of an inch and either hand stitch it shut or use your sewing machine and sew it shut with a eighth inch seam.  And there you have it, an I-spy bag.

Macey has been playing with it all morning and she told me “thank you for the bean bag mama, it’s fun.”  Aww that just melts my heart.  That right there is why I love to make things for my little girls.  I’ve got to sneak it away from her sometime today and stash it in the church bag so she will actually sit and play with it at church next Sunday.  Anyways, if you have any questions with the tutorial let me know!

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8 Responses to I-Spy Bag Tutorial

  1. I love this bag you created. I have never heard of I-spy bags, but now I have to try and make one. Thanks for posting the instructions!

    I found your blog on Ladybird Ln, through her Stylish blogger post.

    I would love it if you followed me back.

  2. Kirby Cook says:

    Those are an awesome church toy for kids ’cause they’re so quite!

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      We’ll see how it goes. Macey might be yelling out “Lookit Momma, a M for Macey!” or “I found an eye!” I hope it’s quiet and holds her attention. 🙂

  3. Jenifer says:

    I absolutely LOVE these things! I made them with my friend for Christmas for my nieces and nephews. We weren’t lucky enough to have directions though. Thanks for this. It will make making them next time MUCH easier!


  4. Bekah says:

    I love this idea! I am going to make 2 of these for my girls asap!
    Thanks also for stopping by my cornice post, I’m glad you like them!

  5. Brianne says:

    I just found your blog and love your design and instructions. Thank you! Definitely will be going through the rest of your tutorials. You said you used outdoor canvas for the material. Do you think regular cotton material would work? Would I need to reinforce it with Wonder Under or something? Certainly don’t want the insides spilling out! Thanks again for the cute idea and great tutorial–my little man will love this!

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      Regular cotton fabric would be just fine. You might want to iron some interfacing on it to make it a little more stiff though. But it would work fine either way. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Julia says:

    Hi there,

    Love your tutorial, I have shared your tutorial on my blog http://www.savingmummy.com.au.

    Hope this is okay!

    Kind regards,

    Julia 🙂

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