Crayon Rolls

I’m soo excited for Macey! She gets to go to her first “friend” birthday party tomorrow for TWO girls that are in her sunbeam class.  The invite said to only bring one present but I figure that since these aren’t anything big and fancy that one for each girl will be just fine.  I was bummed that the local whatevermart only had one Strawberry Shortcake coloring book.  Geesh, that totally ruined my whole Strawberry Shortcake theme.  Shortcake is totally better than Cinderella.  It was nice to get out Berny and do some sewing while Maddy was down for a nap today.  The pattern for the crayon rolls came from Skip to my Lou.

Isn’t summer the best!  Maddy is 15 months old and she has no fear when it comes to the splash pad – she loves to run through the middle.  She would stay there all day if she could!  I’m enjoying having Macey home from school, but that means not as much time for making things.  Sorry I’m slow at posting things, but family time is more important!  I hope you all are having a great summer too!

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