Blog Swap with Capital B

Hello Hello Ten Cow Chicks! 🙂
I remember when I first saw Mariesa’s button on UCreate awhile back
and knew immediately it would be a fun blog just from her fun blog name!
I love how down to earth her blog is and
always feel uplifted having stopped by.
While she’s introducing herself to people over at my blog today,
I get to tell all of you a bit about me!

My name is Sky and my blog is a simple place called Capital B. I blog about family, craftiness and just simple goodness in general. While Mariesa specializes in girls, I live in a boys world, with two little guys and two older stepsons, not to mention my hubby! My favorite projects are the things I do with or for them…

Things like these Spray Play Shirts- they each got to choose the picture they wanted and spray it themselves!

Or Simple Snap Painting- what kid doesn’t love making a mess with paint!
Or downloadable Water Gun Targets- these are a fun way to keep from getting squirted yourself! My four-year old loves trying to spray Mom, whether I like it or not!

Another favorite thing I love sharing at Capital B are the printables I design with quotes or sayings! These are two recent examples- if you’ve seen the last Harry Potter, maybe you remember this one?

The kitchen isn’t where I spend the most time, but I do share the occasional favorite recipe, too, usually with a fun printable recipe card! The latest: crispy fruity popcorn that is perfect for taking camping!

Anyhow, I’ll leave it at that- Thank You, Mariesa, for swapping with me today! And even more for having this  little spot that Ten Cow Chicks like yourself can relate to! 😉 Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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