Baby First Aid Bag

Hello blogland.  It’s been awhile since I wrote!  It all started with a closet.  A closet that’s been driving me crazy.  Justin and I cleaned out the closet and it felt so great to get rid off all the stuff we don’t need and won’t ever use again that I moved onto the next closet and then the next closet and the next.  Before I knew it I had moved onto drawers, cabinets, and storage bins.  It became almost an obsessive compulsive disorder.  I couldn’t stand all the excess STUFF in my house.  Well, during the course of my house purging party Maddy got sick.  Really yucky cucky couldn’t breath sick.  I rarely have a sick baby so when I do it stresses me out.  To make matters worse I hadn’t decluttered the medicine cabinet yet.  So in the middle of the night Justin was going through the medicine cabinet looking for a thermometer.  He found it after sifting through all the old pill bottles and whatever else I had thrown in there.  The next morning I went to give Maddy some Tylenol and Macey had picked it up and put it somewhere else.  We looked and looked and didn’t find it.  I can’t stand to have things misplaced.  I keep a somewhat orderly home to avoid having chaos and confusion.  So back to the Tylenol, we found it that night.  Macey had put it in my purse.  How nice of her. {Said with serious sarcasm.} I decided I want a bag to put all the baby supplies in so this chaos doesn’t happen again! Most people would just put everything in a ziplock bag and call it good.  I can’t stand putting things other than food in ziplock bags. I’m wierd like that.  So I made a bag with a velcro closure on top.  It took five minutes to make and it will hopefully save time and headache next time I need to find the baby Tylenol, thermometer, baby chest rub, and oral measuring syring.  So that’s my latest sewing project, I’m hoping to tackle a laptop cover and baby bibs next.  Blog to ya soon!

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