My Crazy Kitchen

I had to laugh this morning at the state of my kitchen.  On the counter top is big pile of sugar/ingredients that I’m getting together to make neighbor cookie plates.  I don’t think I’ve had soo much naughty food in my house all at once before.  I was complaining in my mind about how many cookies I’m going to have to do for neighbors (about thirty plates) and for Justins work people (two big platters) and then I realized how blessed I am to have so many nice neighbors and how blessed we are for Justins employment. 

To the other side of my kitchen table seems to be missing.  Anyone seen it?  Oh yeah, it’s in the front room.  This is my last homemade Christmas present! I was nervous about not getting it done in time, but I think it should be complete in the middle of next week.  I can’t post a picture of the backing with the top pinned to it because Justin does check this blog every once in awhile.  But I can tell you that it is going to be awesome! When I started the project of doing a T-shirt quilt for Justin I wasn’t to enthused about it, but since I found the {PERFECT} fabric and sulky thread to quilt it with I’m happy with the way it’s going.  I think it’s even going to turn out better than the one I did for my little brother.  Wahoo! If your wondering why I taped the backing down to the kitchen floor – I found this awesome tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilts on how to stretch out your fabric and safety pin it without needing quilting frames.  Happy Christmas mess making to ya!

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