20 Random Things About Me

Here are just some random things about ME. 

{Macey picked up the camera and said, “Say cheese Momma!” so I did, no make-up on, but hey, this is me being real.}

1.   I have no style sense when it comes to clothes.

2.  I keep a pretty mean clean house.

3.  My favorite time of the year is spring.  I also love summer mornings.

4.  I made a big batch of baby food yesterday.  It makes me feel like SouleMama.

5.  I’m a homebody.  I have no desire to travel to foreign countries.

6.  However, my big goal is to save enough money to buy one of these and go on a church history tour back east and visit Nauvoo and other places.

7.  I love to cook.  But only when I’m in the mood for it.

8.  I also love to sew, but I have to be in the mood for that too.

9.  Macey came home from school yesterday soo excited to show me all the valentine’s she got.  It made my mommy heart happy to see her so happy.  As cheesy as it may sound,  I love being a mom.

10.  I could care less about celebrities.  Especially when they get involved in politics.

11.  The only TV show I watch is Studio 5.  I can’t stand the kind of crappolla that is on tv these days.  I especially can’t watch those CSI type of shows.  Creepy!

12.  I love the internet.  It’s soo fun to read other mom’s blogs and learn from them. 

13.  I love that I live where I live.  It’s got to be the most beautiful place on earth.  When I wake up I open all the blinds and marvel at the beauty of the mountains around us.  The way the light hits them in the mornings and the evenings is just beautiful. 

14.  I can’t stand clutter.  In fact there’s a pile of papers on the kitchen counter right now and it’s driving me crazy.

15.  I think I may be a little OCD.  Ok fine I am.  I have to check the curling irons, flat irons, clothes iron and oven to make sure everything is turned off before I leave the house.  It could catch on fire ya know. 

16.  I am one lucky girl to be married to Justin.

17.  I want to take college classes once both the girls are in school.  Not for any particular degree, but just to learn more.

18.  I love family history.  Does that make me a old?

19.  Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love that we celebrate the resurrection.  There’s spring flowers, fresh air, pastel dresses.  It’s soo much better than Christmas.

20.  I love all of you! I love that people actually stop by my blog and leave comments {hint, hint}.  Thanks soo much!

I’ll be back on Thursday with a fun crafty post.  Tommorow is a busy day with an eye appointment (I lost my glasses and have been walking around blind), a craft date, activity days, and a date with my hubby!

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10 Responses to 20 Random Things About Me

  1. Emily says:

    “Like.” 🙂

  2. I could careless about celebrities too, and all the crap on tv. Bloggy land is much funner. Love reading fun facts about ya. See you tomorrow. Jen

  3. Kristy Kaonohi-Chong says:

    I like this post, I didn’t know we have so much in common. Just cuz I am crazy like that I am going to tell which numbers – 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,17,18, interesting. Well I enjoy checking your site everyother day to see if there is anything new and to see what u guyz have been up to. Take care & Happy Belated Valentine’s!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Liking family history does make you an olds (as my much younger sister would say). I remember my grandmother talking to me about it when I was a teenager and just running through my mind all the other things I could be doing while she spoke. Now I’m 34 and wish I had listened! The geneology search would be so much easier!

  5. Chelsea says:

    I loved this post. love it.

    I can say that I didn’t know some of that about you 🙂
    I also wish that I could do the back east tour, only I’d like to do it out of a hotel- eating posh food I don’t know how to cook and don’t have to clean up after. {one can dream}
    Oh, and I also admit to being a teeny OCD. haha. {I’m constantly working on easing up!}

    • Ten Cow Chick says:

      See i’m just the opposite on that. I want to sleep in my own bed and eat my own food. I can’t stand staying at hotels. And I really don’t like eating out more than once a month. It makes me feel gross. 🙂 I already knew you were OCD on cleaning – I think we were born that way.

  6. Jan says:

    I am cheesy too! I LOVE being a mom and mine are almost all grown. I also became a teacher so I could still get valentines. It so wonderful little colorful pieces of paper make us so happy! Have a wonderful week! I love reading your blog – are you sure you are not worth a few more cows – such a clean house would warrant it!?


  7. Kendra says:

    Love your blog! we have a lot in common, especially the clutter stuff. Cant’ stand it!!
    Thanks for your post on the flower hair stuff, I am excited to try them!

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