Thanks everyone for the comments left on my last post about which background is better. I really appreciated everyone’s thoughts on that.  Now that I have my shop stocked the way I would like it (there are a few more things I would like to add, but I need to sell stuff before I can make more stuff) I submitted my shop to a critique team on Etsy to tell me what I could do better.  There were a lot of great suggestions about improvements I could make but the one that surprised me the most was that there were three people that said that they didn’t like this picture.  One person said it looks “awkward”.

They all said that the “crib shot” was much better.

So here I sit, scratching my head, a little bit befuddled.  I mean really?  The crib picture just looks soo blah.  Anyways, I can handle the criticism.  I asked for it and they gave it.

Anyhow, I have a great idea for a tutorial.  Hopefully I’ll have some time this week and I’ll actually get something interesting posted on this blog of mine.  Thanks for sticking around all my wonderful blog friend readers!

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I Like BOWS!

I do, I really, really like bows!  They look soo cute in my girls hair.   I just wish my littlest one would actually leave them in her hair.  But anyways, I made up a bunch of bows, because I have ribbon on hand, and I figured it was worth a shot to put them on Etsy.  Etsy has some crazy bow competition though and I wasn’t to sure how it would work out.  So on Monday afternoon I finished publishing all my bow listings and on Wednesday morning I got my first order!  She didn’t just want one set of bows, but two!

I really like these “School Uniform” bow sets because they will be soo cute with Macey’s school uniform that she will have to start wearing next month.

I got them all shipped off this morning and then we hit the splash pad to celebrate Mom’s first bow order.  I’m hoping the buyer leaves me nice feedback so I can get more orders.  I think that’s what holds some people back from order is that I’m new and I don’t have any feedback on my profile.  So hopefully once I get a few sold things will pick up and I will be making bows like crazy.

Since bow competition is soo tight on Etsy I need to step up my picture quality.  I spray painted a bajillion lima beans white this afternoon (in the 99 degree heat) to use as a bow back drop.

So which picture do you think is more interesting?  The picture with a bean backdrop?

or the picture with a pink frame?

Help me out because I really have no clue what I’m doing!  If you leave me a comment and tell me what you think I’ll love you forever. I’m just saying. . . .

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It’s Totally Popular

So here’s a funny story for you.  Last week I was watching the Nate Burkus show while I was doing the hand binding on the gray chevron quilt.  He’s going on and on about how this print is energetic and vibrant and will freshen up any room, so I look up and he’s pointing to this aqua chevron throw that’s draped over a chair.  🙂

So then later, I’m over at my sister’s house and I pick up the pottery barn kids magazine that she has on her sofa table and lo and behold. . . .

Beautiful aqua’s, crisp whites, and gray zig-zag.  Soo pretty!  I’m just saying . . .  it’s everywhere because it’s soo aesthetically pleasing, that’s all.

I made up some more hair bows yesterday to put in my etsy shop next week.  But for right now they look pretty hanging on the shelf in my laundry room.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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Happy Weekend!

I’ve had a great week! How about you?  Justin had three days off this week so it was nice to hang out at home and just relax.  Macey starts kindergarten this fall and will be required to wear a school uniform.  I’m soo happy for this because she will wear her favorite outfit (whatever it may be at the moment) for as many days in a row as she can get away with.  So I’m glad she will be wearing a uniform.  The colors are blues and khakis.  I bought some ribbon and made bows.  I haven’t bought her polo shirts or pants yet but I’m already making bows.  I guess that shows where my priorities are.  Gotta look cute!  I spent a little too much on ribbon so I’m thinking of adding these to my etsy shop.  But I don’t know . . .  what do you think?

Oh, and I got my gray chevron quilt finished! I love it! I’m not going to post it in my shop until the first of July just because of the way etsy fees are month to month. But I have a feeling this one is going to sell quick.

Oh, and I stopped by the library and picked up a few books I had on reserve.  So far, all I’ve learned is I need to take better pictures.

The other night I was cleaning up dinner dishes and I told the girls to go put their pajamas on.  After a minute I heard some giggling and then they came out dressed like this. . .

I’ve had a great week and I hope you have too!

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Activity Days – Gumball Necklaces

We made gumball necklaces and bracelets for Activity Days this morning!

My leader partner looked all over town for the big gumballs and found them at the dollar store.  To make these you need tapestry needles to thread your ribbon through the gumball and crochet needles to poke holes through them.  Tie knots in the ribbon in between the gumballs to keep them separated.

The girls came up with some cute color combos.

Activity Days is an LDS activity for eight to eleven year old girls.

To learn more about my religion click here.

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Grey Chevron Quilt

I found the prettiest shade of grey fabric at the quilt store the other day!  It’s P & B Textiles and I bought Moda white to go with it.  I’m excited to see this one get finished and listed in my etsy shop!!

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Custom Chevron Quilt

A lady from Australia contacted me on etsy and requested a navy blue chevron quilt.  It turned out really cute and it’s fun to think that this is going to be on a little boys bed on the other side of the world.  I really hope she likes it!

Finished dimensions are 42.5 x 54 inches.  She requested 42 x 50 which I could have done but then there would have been a “zig” and no “zag”.  There are 9 rows of blue zig-zag.

Off to the land down under it goes!

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I Love a Cute Dish Mat!

I came up with a new dish mat pattern and made these to stick in my etsy shop. This design did take some time to get the kinks worked out, but I’m happy with the way they turned out.  They’re just so darn cute and functional.  Now if somebody’d just buy them already! 🙂

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Ten Cow Quilts on Etsy

I did it – I started my own etsy shop. It’s one of those things that have been on my “list”. I’ve had a few friends that have tried it and it just didn’t work out for them.  So I’m realistic that it might not work out.  BUT, what if it does?  What if I could make a quilt a week or so and sell them?  That would be awesome! I’ve got my first quilt posted and my fingers crossed that someone will see it and fall in love with it.

I love {LOVE} love this aqua color!

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Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Hey! My picture posted! That means I can start writing on my blog again!  There’s been soo many things I’ve done that I wanted to post but for some reason wordpress was being wierd and I couldn’t get pictures to upload.  A post without pictures is just boring.

I made swimming suit cover-ups for the girls after I saw some at Costco.  I can’t remember what the price was on them but I thought, really, for a little tiny piece of terry cloth it costs that much?! I had this ugly old beach towel in the linen closet that I didn’t like at all so I cut it up and sewed some velcro on it and there you go, {FREE} swimsuit cover-ups. The girls are little enough I was able to get two out of one towel.  They don’t look too cute, but at the end of the season I’ll buy a new beach towel when they go on sale and make nice ones for next year.  Lucky for me the girls don’t really care what they look like, but I have a feeling that’s going to change pretty quick.

The towels are still a little wet because we just got back from the splash pad, so please excuse the water spots! My older girl is 5 years old and the length that worked good for her is 24 inches long.  The width is just the width of the towel.  The straps are 11 inches long (you could shorten this by and inch or two to bring it up higher) and 1.5 inches wide on both the cover-ups.  My little girl is two years old and hers is 18 inches long and the width was just what was left over after the straps were cut out of the towel.   The raw edges were folded over and zig-zagged, if I had a serger I would have serged them.  Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to be back posting again!

Linking to: Craft-O-Maniac

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